Friday, 13 July 2012

Team USA Uniform (Made in China)

With the Olympics just two weeks away, it is no doubt people are starting to pay attention to anything happening with London 2012. Recently there has been quite a bit of of controversy towards Ralph Lauren's uniforms for Team USA being made in China. The Olympics is one of the longest standing patriotic events, and it is only assumed that the clothing worn by the athletes during opening/closing ceremonies is made in their own country. Perhaps some of the smaller countries could get away with having uniforms made elsewhere, but for America, this is just unacceptable. Why? Because the American's are very patriotic and it should show in their clothing down to the very last stitch.

Yes, the fleeces for team USA from Salt Lake in 2002 were made in Canada - but people are beginning to pay attention to these things now, and it took no time at all for "Made in China" to be noticed. Being a former athlete myself, I think of the athletes in the opening/closing ceremonies or receiving a medal, representing the country they love, and wearing clothes from a country that is not your own. I guess this is just something that doesn't settle well with me, I would love to hear what anyone else has to say! xxx

Photo of 2012 London Team USA uniforms (Made in China)

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