Friday, 22 June 2012

Ms. Fashion President

As I scroll through all of the stunning Resort 2013 collections, I always tend to take a tad bit more time to look at Diane von Furstenberg. The first piece in this collection was, in my eyes, perfection; Jacket meets blazer meets dress with a gorgeous print, a beauty. There was a lot of color in her resort collection, many in solids and the rest in gorgeous prints. Since the 70's when her career took off, Diane von Furstenberg has brought bright and bold prints to the world of ready to wear, and it is still doing so today. From jumpsuits to flirty dress to comfy sweaters, von Furstenberg really knows how to tap into every woman with each collection, and that is why she is Ms. Fashion President.



  1. Oh my Diane Von is an absolute genius. When I saw these pictures the other day I literally couldn't peel my eyes away for several minutes! Really into the first office like outfit. If I could wear that to work everyday I would die a happy bunny. Lovely blog too!

    Gemma x

    1. she is a gem, always been a fan of her. thanks! love your blog.