Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Toronto Bridal Show

After working at LG Fashion Week for 8 days straight I assumed I would be completely prepared to dress a two and a half-day bridal show. My assumption was inaccurate; it was way more intense than your typical runway show. Instead of two or three looks, there were six or seven per model and many of the dresses needed to be laced up, making them very time consuming. At first I was taken back by the challenge but then I met my model, and she was a sweetheart so I knew we could work well together to ensure she got on the runway fully dressed.

“10 minutes till we start the show, everyone please take you seats.” The sound of the announcer made my face cringe, I was only half way done lacing the back of my model’s first look. Then soon enough the beats were blaring on the system and my model was perfectly dressed and dancing, yes dancing (it is hard not to with the volume of the music). Showtime started off with Vogue by Madonna, without a doubt put everyone in a great mood and the models were sent down the runway in their first looks to strike a pose.

When a button pops off, you sew it on.
A bra is showing, you tuck it in.
The dress won’t stay up, you pin it.
A hairpiece is falling out, you do what you can to fix it.
If the shoes are the wrong color, you help the model into new pair.
The train of the dress is really long, you help carry it to the runway.
When Beyonce comes on the sound system, you have start dancing…

After the finale I was a mess and my model was exhausted but we were both content, she walked the runway seven times perfectly dressed head to toe. We worked well together so I decided to stick with her for the rest of the weekend. I think consistency is good in these types of situations, and it allowed me to relax and enjoy the shows because I knew exactly what to expect (same dresses every show). After five shows I had perfected a method to button up and down the backs of Wedding dresses and safety pins had become my new best friend.

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